मिडिया डबली संवाददाता प्रकाशित : मङ्लबार, भदौ १७, २०७६


KATHMANDU- Public Sector Innovator Er. Dipendra Kandel has stated that the government will suffer a great loss if the Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) runway is not rebuilt and completed before the scheduled date i.e. 28 February 2019.

Speaking about the discussion with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAAN) Officer on yesterday. Mr. Kandel suggested the rehabilitation of the runway should occur as soon as possible which has been a challenge so far. He said, “Listening to their words, it seems they won’t reconsider starting the rebuild before the scheduled 28 February even after my repeated suggestion to not hold it for that long as it will incur a greater loss for the country.”

नेपाल लाइफ

He said that he has been in constant contact and discussions with the concerned bodies about the issue but has yet to see any initiation from their part.

Mr. Kandel addressed “even after submitting my memorandum two weeks ago in hopes of prompt governmental response, there was another incident of Yeti airlines, that I believe is the result of the poor condition of the runway, any further wait will only increase the probability of more incidents and risk the safety of the passengers”. He added that while the minister was positive about his memorandum and the initiation of the runway reconstruction no progress has yet been made.

Being the only international airport in Nepal, the bad condition of the TIA runway has not only impacted the airport traffic but has also hampered country’s image in the international front. Mr. Kandel has appealed not only to the concerned bodies in Nepal, but also to the Regional Director (Asia) of International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), Mr. Arun Mishra. He added, “Mishra is also positive about my request but suggested the decision is in the hands of CAAN and encouraged further discussion with the authority.

In Kandel’s view, Prime Minister K.P Sharma Oli should take lead to instigate the rehabilitation of the runway before 28 February and make it a priority, which will abade the uncertainty currently present among the people. The CAAN also agrees that the runway is currently in a bad shape but has not commented on whether the added pressure will change its scheduled date of runway reconstruction.