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    Investment Bank reports 2.3 million missing


    Nepal Investment Bank has filed a complaint before the police about Rs. 2.3 million missing from its coffers. A complaint has been received stating that the amount went missing with the involvement of the bank’s...बाँकी

    31 parties registered in Jhapa


    A total of 31 political parties have submitted their details in Jhapa to take part in the upcoming local level elections. As per the directive of the Election Commission to submit the details of the...बाँकी

    Magnitude 4.1 fresh quake jolts Baitadi


    An aftershock of 4.1 magnitude jolted Baitadai district at 11:13 am today, the Seismological Center, Surkhet stated. Tirtha Dahal, a technician at the center, said the epicentre of the earthquake was nearby Hikila VDC of...बाँकी